Dress Size6
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForCouples
Eye ColourBrown


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


Am I the sort of girl that you dream of when your mind wanders to the erotic fantasies that I know you enjoy? Are you thinking about what we could get up to together? Something naughty and very, very nice perhaps! Because the time and companionship that you would be getting will be racy, risqué, and riveting as we wander along the pathways of pleasure that I want to show you. Will I be sexy enough for you? You will realise in a matter of minutes that I am intoxicating and arousing, every move I make is charged with passion. Why not let your imagination take you on the kind of trip that I have in mind, right now  for example. Giving you a glimpse of what one on one time with me is like.An extended date where I have hours to discover exactly what pleasure is in your terms. Then when I am on your wavelength,I will be fired up to give you an intimate interpretation of the desires you have told me about. On an extended or overnight date there are hours to share, a mixture of fun and exciting deviations that will fill the time with the kind of hedonistic treats that I specialise in. Because there is no other escort that has the same approach to getting up close and personal as me. You may have been with lots of escorts, but I am unique! That’s a promise! Ask yourself if you would like to have breakfast with me. Breakfast in bed of course, because you will really need to get your strength back after the night we have just spent together. They say that slender girls (they call me Tiny Barbie because I am only just a size 6 and 5’ 2” tall), are particularly sensitive because we have our nerve endings near the surface! Whatever the reason I know that your touch will make me tingle from top to toe. I am deeply attuned to the physical side, super sensual and need I say - super sexy! Because I love the physical side of my dates, I am gifted as a sensual masseuse and will stimulate every part of you with my body to body massage. It’s the first way that I want to show you how our bodies respond naturally to each other. After my special way of saying hello with a deep French kiss that lasts and lasts that is, and not a wordwill be spoken, there’s simply no need. The message will be clear. I will be hot-wiring us together so that the sensations flow between us, only gaining in intensity. My love of spending time with guys who like my full on techniques  is a legend amongst the clients I have met in the past few months since I have been available in the north, and let me tell you that Northern men are something special!!!! You will discover my enthusiasm and my energy through the responses to you and the ideas of my own that I like to initiate! I’m no slouch when it comes to pleasure! You can bank on that!! So, if tiny little blondes with gilt-edged personal services are an idea that appeals to you, then all you need to do is let me know via my agency. Because I am the dynamic micro escort that is deceptively huge when it comes to pleasure sharing!! You can’t afford to miss meeting a girl like me, that is if you value pleasure and satisfaction as highly as I do.

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