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Like many of the towns and villages in what used to be rural Lancashire, but is now in the Metropolitan Borough of Greater Manchester it had rural and agricultural roots, then got engulfed by industry as it was at the heart of cotton manufacturing and coal mining, now it is back to being a large picturesque rural village, boasting some phenomenally beautiful escorts in Astley who are in a village of true character, which still holds on to some of its industrial heritage at the Astley Green Colliery Museum and the heritage centre at Damhouse attracting a fair amount of visitors. Though these days the gorgeous vibrant Astley escorts tend to take centre stage in this prosperous village, being one of the most desirable places to live in the borough or Wigan. These fair damsels are one of the main attractions the village has and it is astonishing how many gents actually come to the village to hook up with one of these delightful ladies who have a reputation that stretches way beyond the boundaries of the borough. These dazzling beauties often have a starring role when it comes to entertainment in the immediate vicinity.

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