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A lovely time with the gorgeous Selina. Very professional woman who knows exactly what she is
doing. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with this stunning lady and hope to see her again when i am
next in the city.


Had a brilliant time with Belle, stunning young woman who is incredible at what she does. She
doesn’t rush or clock watch and is extremely energetic! She made sure i was fully satisfied and
enjoyed every second.


Possibly the most gorgeous girl i have had the pleasure of spending the evening with. Samira is
absolutely stunning and her the perfect charming personality to match. We hit it off straight away
and i had a brilliant time in her company. Highly recommend!


Was the most wonderful time with Isabella. She is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She is
near enough the perfect companion!! Kind, sensual and very energetic. Loved every minute i spent
with her and looking forward to the repeat.


Charlie is just great to be with and incredibly sexy! She is very skilled at what she does and takes her
time. I had the best experience with this beautiful woman and looking forward to seeing her again
soon. Would highly recommend.


Zara is a fantastic young lady with a body to die for! she has a beautiful face and gorgeous smile with
a lovely personality to match! Just heaven!


Absolute wonderful time spent with a fabulously sexy lady. Sienna is just so much prettier and fitter
than her photos suggest! Highly recommend and would love to spend more time with this gorgeous
lady in the future!


Phenomenal first time meeting Libby. A world class beauty who clearly enjoys her work!
Unbelievable body and fantastic services offered. Had a brilliant with this stunning lady and look
forward to seeing her again soon.


Great first time meeting Holly. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a body that is out of this world.
Very friendly and easy to get along with, with a great sense of humour! Had a great time and hope to
repeat the experience again soon enough.


Sarah is absolutely beautiful with a figure to die for! no rushing what so ever and very sensual. Was
an amazing experience with a truly gorgeous genuine woman. Hope to see her again soon. Can’t
recommend her enough.


Wow wonderful experience with Tyler. Beautiful girl with an enthusiastic top class service. I hope to
see her again soon.


Gabriella is a lovely girl. Very sweet and warm. Sexy as hell with the perfect body and personality to
match. Brilliant experience which i would most definitely love to repeat. Highly recommend.


Brandy is a delightful friendly lady with an unreal body that she knows how to use to please! She put
me at ease straight away and i cant wait to see her again. Left with a huge smile on my face. Highly


Brilliant evening with Annabelle. She is a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold! Very
accommodating and extremely good at what she does. She made sure i had the best experience and
took her time with the services offered. Hope to see her again when i am next in town!


Great time with Olivia. Beautiful and charming woman who knows exactly how to please. Was my
first time meeting her and definitely wont be my last. Looking forward to the next times! Highly
recommended. X


Brilliant end to a long week spent with Ashley. She is a beautiful girl with a body to die for and
fantastic personality to match. Such a laugh! Great girl who knows exactly what she is doing.
Unhurried, amazing experience. Highly recommend.


What an evening! Absolutely fantastic experience with the gorgeous Ava. Stunning young lady with a
body that is out of this world. She is easy to get along with and put me at ease straight away.
Enjoyed every minute and cannot wait to do it again soon.


Wow! My experience with Katie was far better than i could have ever imagined! She is like a gift that
keeps on giving. Great time with a great girl who made sure i was completely relaxed throughout.
Loved every second and hope to do it again when i am next in town. Xxx


Excellent meeting with a very hot and sexy lady. gorgeous body and very pretty face as well as a
fantastic personality. Thank you Louise you made my day. Highly recommend


Absolutely wonderful lady with a figure to die for! Sophie is a very passionate and gorgeous with a
fantastic personality to match. Her body is a dream come true. Highly recommend this stunning girl
and look forward to doing to all again soon. Xxx


Nikki is unreal! What a woman! She has the most gorgeous face and beautiful personality. Was very
easy to get along with and made sure i had the best experience. Highly recommend.


Amazing experience with this stunning and sexy young lady. Scarlett was absolutely perfection.
Great girl with a fabulous personality and great sense of humour. Would love to see her again.


Loved every minute i got to spend with this stunning young lady. Paris knows exactly what she is
doing and does it incredibly! Great girl with a great attitude towards her work. Highly recommend
her and hope to see this beauty again in the future. X


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