Dress Size10
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForCouples
Eye ColourBrown


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


I have arrived here in Manchester and I wonder why I never came earlier!! Because this city is what it is all about and I fit right in. Not to mention you guys, because I came here from my small hometown in the south and joined Manchester Sugarbabes and from the first night I met you boys up here in the north – it has been a total blast!!!! You are all so much sexier than those lads down south, although I have met a few businessmen up here on meetings and they are wilder than they ever were at home! Must be something in the air!!! Anyway, I love it and I can let myself go and fully express my own love of casual but intense relationships, and it seems to be what you like too! Let me introduce myself properly, I am Sienna and I am a true brunette temptress. They say that blondes are for fun, and brunettes are keepers. But I am not for keeps, although I am happy to see you regularly. I love the variety and the thrills that meeting different guys brings me. I am up for taking on life in the fast lane and not getting tried down. You understand that don’t you? Because you want to experience a little spontaneity too – that makes me the perfect girl for you. I class myself as a GFE escort, but again, don’t let’s get too involved with labels, because my date with you will be like no other and being with you as your girlfriend tonight and playing the ways that we will, cannot be like any other night with anyone else. What some may charge extra for so that you can indulge in all those little extras that I know you love, is all part of the service with me. I come prepared for our liaison with all the things that may or may not be needed. Like my sexy spanking paddle for example. Maybe you like it, as it adds to the intensity of the whole experience and I will give, but prefer not to receive. Who knows how things pan out when we are together, it is a vital, unique experience and I play it as it comes. Toys or no toys. I am the main event of the evening and I know that I will not disappoint. My slender body will melt into yours and my instincts will tell me which way you want to take things and even do you like it fast or slow. I am known for my immediate connection with my clients and with my sexual drive you know that what you see is what you get. A nubile young escort who has realised her ambition to be a Sugarbabe and with a little help from you, to be the Babe of the Year in Manchester!!! Some may call that my ambition, I would say that it simply shows that what I do comes with 100% commitment.

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