Leni Wilde


Dress Size8
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForMen
Eye ColourBlue


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


They say that your name tells you a lot about a person and that can be especially true when it is a name that has been chosen by that person themselves! As an escort of course I get to choose my name.You know – for the sake of discretion – and Wilde just popped straight into my head, because a past boyfriend told me that I liked to walk on the wild side. Well, I was too wild for him, and I certainly wasn’t ready to be tamed or domesticated!!! So, I passed on him and a couple of others and realised that my future lay in escorting where my passionate temperament was more to the liking of guys like you perhaps!! I am a free spirit, full of fire and deeply sensual. You will not have met an escort like me before. I like to savour your desire, it is a fuel to my own. And as I tease, treat and tempt you to share the wildest night of your lifeI will take you to the edge of reason with the uninhibited ways I look to please you. It will drive you crazy as I tamper with your sanity taking you into unchartered waters where pleasure is the only guide. That is your pleasure of course, but with a girl like me you surely realise that I love everything I do, so my anticipation will be for our joint pleasures if that is OK with you? Classified as XXX Rated, you could say that I am is on the hot side of HOT and you should be aware that all my future dates are only accepted if you want to be left breathless and satiated to the full. Are you wondering how I might do that? It depends on which side of my personality you want to explore tonight, because I have many ways to amuse you. Maybe you would like to share my quintessential girlfriend experiences where you will find that I am the GFE escort of your fantasies and daydreams. This brings out my soft and tactile side, sexy TLC oozes from every pore because it comes naturally to me. Shall we start with my sublime DFK before we let my passion for you take over and I give you the OWO of a lifetime. That is just the beginning, but you get the idea!!! If you would rather get down to a much raunchier experience with an adult movie theme, then my wild, reckless PSE escort encounter will fulfil that and every wish in that quarter. I am like a potent powerful force, one that is driven by your excitement and mine hitting head on and generating those waves of pleasure surging within us. Everything about me is to arouse your senses. Each and every one of them, from my provocative perfume to my choice of lingerie. Only the best is good enough for our date and it comes from Paris where they know a thing or two about eroticism themselves. Check out my pictures, that is what you will be seeing and enjoying tonight. See you later!

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