Ellie Chase


Dress Size8
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForMen
Eye ColourGreen


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


Just let’s take a moment before you decide that it is me that you want to see tonight! Because I can tell you a few things about myself that should make things very clear! I am the girl that you want, I am sure of it!!! As a young looking mature escort of32, you will discover that I have the body of a girl 10 years younger, but with the experience and the sensuality of a fully formed woman who knows what is what when it comes to pleasure! I love being an escort and have been escorting for 4 or 5 years now in different places, but I think I have found somewhere to settle down, right here in Manchester! I guess you could have called me a slow starter, as I spent 6 years at university doing a couple of degrees and I was a very studious miss!! But one day the light dawned, and I cottoned on to the fact that I was missing out on a lot!!! So I guess you could say that I am making up for those years that I lost being a goody two shoes, because now – I am a live one and wild for guys like you to make happy. Tell me what you want, and I am on it!! I never realised what people were on about before, but now!!!! I love every time that I get to extend my experience even further, because you guys are all different and so every time I meet up for a one to one date, then it is so very different from all the ones that went before! Something new to love!! Then of course, there is the added attraction of the ladies out there, because I’m not sure I was even barely bi-curious before, but now this 34B body loves the sensual encounters of both guys and girls and I can say that I am now genuinely bisexual and loving it. Don’t sulk boys just because you are sharing me with the ladies – now I am available as half of an escorting duo!! If you never have booked two girls for a threesome, then that is something that I would love to bring you!! I have some very sexy friends that I can choose from to bring along with me! When I was a good girl and when I wasn’t reading books one after another, I was going to gymnastics. I really was a girl that Mummy and Daddy were proud of!!! Well, that past life still comes in handy because it has left me with a super flexible body which I know you will utilise to its full extent! I have yet to come across a position that I could not easily slip into!! You will see! So here I am, medium height with a great body – size 8 and 34B – a brunette with bedhead hair and green eyes and an over-heated sexual desire!!! So what do you want to do abut it???

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