Aria Aviva


Dress Size8
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForMen
Eye ColourBlue Green


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


How many times in your life have you met a beautiful woman, and literally felt a shiver of desire run through your body? Not just a casual response. A mood changing, possibly life changing, connection that runs so deeply it affects every nerve ending and makes you take a deep intake of breath. That is the effect that I aim to have on you when we meet. Not “if” we meet, but when. Because I am here in Manchester, for a while at least, and I believe that we should meet – at least once. I want you to relish my body, admire its feminine curves, touch, caress, lick, and kiss me. To enjoy the overwhelming abundance of things that we will share together as we take off on our escort adventures for a few hours. Maybe you are a regular client of high class escorts, or maybe this is just an occasional escapade for you, whichever it may be, I want to hear you say about me “You are the best!” because that is how I take every introduction to all of you guys, I want it to be the earth moving experience that you thought was just promotional hype. Not with me – I am that legend and living in your world and fulfilling your desires. Try me. I love the body that I was given, I like its full curvaceousness, my breasts that fill your hands and overflow just a little bit, the curve of my buttocks and how you hold them to get me closer still. I am not the stick thin model escort, you can luxuriate in my body and let me tell you that my escort services are just as immoderate! I love to discover all the ways that I can please you. My GFE is something else and I can bet that no girlfriend out there can please you in the ways that I do! Unless your interests are off the wall or extremely niche, there is no need to ask for a certain category of escort service when you call to book me, my time with you will evolve as we tap into the triggers that ignite the fire and stoke it to red hot levels. Let me simply say that sensuality and I are one and the same thing. My desire for sexy company stretches beyond boundaries. Maybe you want it to be just you and me and that is fantastic, orcould be you want me to be part of an escort duo with one of my other sexy friends here at the agency. Or that threesome might consist of you and your regular partner, because I know how to extend my pleasure giving to all you girls as well as you boys. Suggest a scenario and you will find my interest spike, because I like to walk on the wild side and something new will always get my attention. I can’t wait to meet you and discover what we are going to enjoy tonight.

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