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Why the Sugarbabes escorts have a reputation for seduction

It’s all down to style! They are part of Manchester Sugarbabes because they are sexy to the bone and even more than that – can it even be possible? – they love to add those little extras, those flourishes to their femininity that will set your heart racing.

It makes no difference whether your chosen escort is one of the Bradford escorts, or a Manchester escort, they all love to add those dashes of style that say, “yes you want to, so come and get me!” 

First they seduce your eye!

With such feminine wiles they are set to add visual seduction to their list of temptations! If it is not the short skirt and clinging top that reveals a couple of inches of cleavage, then it is the lingerie that they wear underneath.

They have all these accoutrements in their wardrobes, the high, high heels, the stockings, even the fish net tights. These naughty girls are out to take prisoners and they want to entice them with their sensually inspired attire!

When they are browsing Ann Summers, they have you in mind. Then of course there are those accounts on internet sites like Bondara and Bluebella! They love to pick and choose from amongst the naughty and the nice and look forward to modelling it for you! 

Lingerie to match your mood and the service requested

Depending on the escort service that you are looking forward to and booking for tonight, it can be something romantic or something spicy, they can choose the lingerie that will enhance your mood.

A virginal sexy lingerie set made of white lace?  Or ask her to wear something more suitable for spanking and pick a revealing body suit with more buckles and straps than there is substance to hold it together!

They may be light and flimsy, but they hold an erotic power, all because they hide (more or less) what they contain and inflame your need to get beyond it. 

Blatant temptation or hidden eroticism

These girls love to flaunt their natural assets, going for a basque to literally hit you in the eye with those thrusting breasts!!  They begin with their photos on their escort portfolios!

They want to grab your attention, they want to elicit your strongly passionate reaction, and they know how!!! Some even go for the blatantly erotic look of black or red, choosing those colours because they were always worn by the vamp!! 

Attention grabbing, they are boosting their visual appeal! And isn’t it fun??!!  These high class escorts are potent in their sensuality, by watching your reaction when they meet you, they discover the things that add that extra frisson, that turn you on, that add fuel to the fire of your desire.  

It’s not all about lingerie……

There are many guys out there with the love of a personal fetish. We won’t go into that in detail today, but stilettos and stocking are pertinent to what we are discussing right now.

So, if you are a shoe fetishist then you will know what we mean, we are talking on your wavelength. But to any man a girl with great legs, encased in sheer stockings is a picture to treasure.

Maybe they are hold-ups, or better still she is sporting fancy suspenders, and you can already imagine un-clipping those hooks and peeling the thin nylons from her legs. Is she tattooed? No!

They are snake fishnets and your hands are itching to follow where those snakes are weaving their way upwards. Pair up stilettos and stockings and you have got a match made in heaven!

Maybe even go old school and ask for those back seam stockings that are so nostalgically exciting. They might have gone out of fashion on the street. But for the lovers of an erotic twist, they are enchanting. 

Is it 50 shades or not?

Underwear can be tantalising in the harsher ways too, once you veer towards the darker side with some leather and PVC you are getting a different vibe altogether! Clients may not want a full BDSM service, but the idea of the straps and buckles that are all part of a set of this kind will set the pulse racing.

Straps retained by metal rings, or lengths of tape. The options of fetish clothing goes on and on. Dress up one of these sexy sirens in a leather corset or a wet look and mesh body suit and whether she is a Domme or not she is looking wicked!!!!

Thigh boots or FMBs as they are affectionately known, matched with a shiny patent high-gloss finish harness with thigh cuffs with hit the spot!!! In the mood now? Then once you meet one of these agency escorts maybe she will become a firm favourite so to speak, then you can plan what she will wear for you next time.

Maybe gift her a costume that drives you wild ready for your next date.  How about a wet-look PU thong with matching nipple covers? When we say lingerie, we are not thinking Marks and Spencer’s. 

Why clothing can be so powerful in getting your attention 

Clothing, or the lack of it, is a powerful thing. For the seemingly coy, girl next door type, the idea that more she hides, the more you want her, that works too. Is she as sweet and naive as she appears? Not with the reviews she is getting!

As an agency we want to understand what makes you happiest, that is why we have so many escort types and love their unique, individual ways of appealing to you!  Their enticing looks which seem to jump from the page and say choose me!

They each have their ways of intriguing and stimulating you. Maybe one of your triggers is lingerie, in which case we hope you have enjoyed this blog and our thoughts on the subject. Just let us know if you want us to go into greater detail on one thing or another.

One final thought…..

This is just what they do to entice you before you even meet. The treats, the pandering to your special requests, all this comes later. That is another story. Another story for another day!