09/02/2020 | admin

Who Dares, Wins

How far one dares to go in sexual exploration terms is a question open for much opinion debate. Whilst there are no definitive right or wrong answers, the question itself is very daring. One thing is for sure, the bold experience is hardly ever a bad one, it may not pleasure you but it is a sexual experience nonetheless, and that’s a win win situation.

Personally, I don’t believe in limits, there is no fun in telling yourself you won’t do something purely because you feel you might not enjoy it, it might be too painful or uncomfortable or just simply put off the thought of it because you don’t think it appeals to you, whatever it may be. I would wilful try anything, and if I didn’t enjoy it then I would put it down to experience and say it doesn’t work for me. But as I say that’s a personal opinion.

Open mindedness is key – dare to be open and explore your erotic side confidently, you never know you might enjoy it, you can’t possibly know without trying! The thought of engaging in certain erotic acts may deeply arouse you, for example; oral being the most popular however surprisingly not everyone enjoys the pleasure – for some people it does absolutely nothing.

A daring step further to enhance your sensations cold be in the form of experimenting with positions, you could act out the whole Kama Sutra if you are brave enough. Too often couples get stuck in the rut of engaging in the same standard positions; missionary, cowboy, doggy. Over time repetitiveness can become predictive and less exciting which begins to affect the quality of passion, so keeping each other on your toes and adopting spontaneity is a good thing.

Moving on to seriously more daring ventures; bondage and discipline which again is a very popular kink, but not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak. The idea of whips and chains, toys, tough love involving spanking, gags, ties, fetish gear, worship, humiliation, nipple clamps, blindfolds and for the most daring fanatics some intense cock and ball torture will not excite everyone especially not suited for the fainthearted except the soft bondage materials. On the other hand some individuals become aroused at the thought of such hard-core acts and dare to go all out and handle it really well.

It simply is a case of what excites you individually, no two people are ever the same, interests may be similar but the heights of excitement are definitely different. Why not dare to be different and explore your intimate side with no holds barred – there’s nothing to lose, if you don’t approve you don’t have to ever do it again, if you love it, you could do it all day long. Either way; you’re a winner.