14/08/2023 | admin

Wherever you take a Sugarbabes job, it’s just as good!

There are several things in common with all of our Sugarbabes escorts, whether they are Derby escorts, Bradford escorts, or escorts here in Manchester and the Northwest. These may be the things that you want to know if you are looking at applying for one of our Bradford escorts jobs for example and wondering if there is an opening for you on these escort galleries of sensational agency escorts. So, before you apply to a small local Derby escorts agency, make sure that you know what is on offer as one of the Sugar Babes escorts and the things they all they have in common, no matter which town or city they are escorting in. 

  • All Sugar Babes escorts are in love with escorting! They love what they do and that is why they chose to be escorts. We are proud of our escorts who are proud of themselves! 
  • Sugarbabes come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny size 6 petite escort to the bootylicious escort who is ultra curvy, but toned, a size 14 / 16 perhaps. 
  • We offer escort jobs to those who are entitled to work in the UK, all applicants must be over 18 (that’s the law) and up to 35, the parameters our escort clients prefer by the way.
  • We love blonde escorts! But we love brunette escorts too! In fact, we love girls and young women who are black, white, dual heritage, English, British Asian, or from another country. We love all escort wannabees regardless of hair or skin colour, if they have the right attitude to escorting, then a Blackpool escorts job could be theirs. Or one of our escort jobs anywhere else in the region!! 
  • All our new escorts joining our existing escort team, receive the same rates and what a great income they make. So, if money is important to you, and who can afford to say that it isn’t, then you will be pleased to hear that our Sugar Babes earn a lot of money. 
  • We know escorts have a life outside of escorting, so we can be flexible with which days you would be available after you become a Sugarbabes escort. We work with our escorts, they do not work for us.
  • All Babes get an equal share of escort appointments, there is no favouritism. Only if a client asks for a regular escort that he is a repeat client for, does anyone get preference over an incoming appointment. 
  • We look after the escorts working with us and provide an agency driver when you are working.
  • Our Sugarbabes enjoy a terrific fee split with the agency, we look to cover your promotion, provide receptionists who take your bookings etc from  our share, so there are no hidden deductions from your money. 
  • No waiting to be paid either, as the majority of escorts collect their fees directly from the client at the start of the date.
  • Our escorts are gorgeous! So that means we look for girls who have a pride in their appearance, always looking good so that their client is thrilled to see them and they can accept dates where the client wants to take them to clubs, bars or restaurants.
  • When we said that our escorts love their career choice, it means that they love being with guys. Although as we also offer escort services to ladies, that means for our genuinely bisexual escorts, dates are also available with females too. But all our escort have a sociable nature, they are comfortable and happy meeting clients for one to one interaction, maybe for as little as an hour or two, or maybe overnight. 

In fact, it looks like our Babes have a lot in common! If you are looking for an escorts job in Derby or anywhere else that we cover, or you are thinking of moving to Manchester to join the best escorts agency on its home turf, then we have an escort job for you!