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Where Salford jobs can take you straightaway!

If you join Manchester Sugarbabes then you will be not just be part of a busy escorts agency in Manchester but across the North West! But you should only consider joining us if you want to be one of the best and you want the agency you join to be the best for you! If you are leaving a job that has been a hassle, that you didn’t enjoy because of the conditions, then you will be looking for this one to be hassle-free of course. Sugarbabes has no upfront fees, no photography shoots to pay for. So, with nothing required from you except your commitment it means that an immediate start can be possible. If that’s what you want! When you apply for one of our Salford escorts jobs then you will be getting more than you even imagined. 

Sugarbabes opens up a whole world of fun

Because we are known as the best escort agency, for clients and escorts it means a lot. Maybe you are wanting to be one of the Blackpool escorts having fun with the crowds during the summer season, or you prefer the quieter vibe further along the coast by joining in with the Southport escorts. Perhaps you want to hang out here in the city centre becoming an escort Manchester guys can call on for their sexy interludes. In fact, it’s all on offer! We are known for offering the best escort services via our sensational agency escorts who work with us. Not all escorts agencies are the same. At Manchester Sugarbabes we start off at the very beginning looking for the girls wanting an escorts job because they love all that it offers.  

What does it  mean for you?

You will certainly have looked at other websites. But you have more or less decided that an escort job in Salford, or elsewhere, is with Sugarbabes. You just need to be sure of all the details. Is this the agency that really is the way to establish yourself as a high earning escort? We can tell you that we offer a great system and split of escort earning, with no hidden extras! Our ladies collect the fees from the clients, so you have your money in your hand from the start! Which is so reassuring when you have that side of life already sorted, so those bills at home are no longer threatening. 

We are and offer you:

An experienced agency

With a fantastic booking team

Regular earnings received on the day you are available

High earnings

Immediate start

No photo fees

Agency driver

Outcalls across the north

Experienced or no experience? We can offer you a new start

20 years of experience as a NW escort agency

Busy agency

Known for our honesty and professional attitude

Simple to join us.


It sounds like the best – because it is!!!

Even if you have more questions then don’t worry! After you have completed our online application form fully and attached a couple of recent photos to allow us to see if you have the potential to become one of our top escorts, then we can answer anything else you need to know at the interview! It really is that easy to apply online for escort jobs with us now! We take on escorts who are aged eighteen to mid thirties, and have the right to work in the UK. We do ask for proof of age to confirm that you are over the legal age of 18, so please bring that with you when you come to meet us. See you soon!