06/02/2020 | admin

What Makes a Good Client?

Every escort you meet will be different. They are human after all, and everyone has their own tastes, personalities, character traits and so on. The same goes with escorts. That’s the key, first and foremost, to see them as a person and not just a doll that you’ve paid to play with. They don’t want to end the appointment feeling low and used. If you don’t understand that then seeing an escort isn’t for you.

Secondly, a good client pays the correct amount and in the correct way. Don’t make a big deal of paying her; you both know that it costs and that it has to be paid so make sure you just do it casually and swiftly. Not in a way that it seems you’re hiding it, just put the cash in an envelope and place it on the table. Don’t be offended if she counts it either. She isn’t accusing you. Do it at the start of the appointment too. It’s just courtesy. Don’t barter or haggle. It’s so cringe worthy. The price on the site or the price you were quoted is the price you pay and by booking the appointment you agreed to pay that price. Don’t put the escort in an awkward position.

Make sure you are clean. Obviously if you’ve just finished work or stepped off a coach to a business meeting in another city you might not feel fresh, but the escort will have shower facilities in her apartment. She won’t be offended if you ask to freshen up first because she will understand you want to be fresh for yourself and for her. There will usually be disposable toothbrushes and dental floss too. Again, the escort isn’t accusing you of being unhygienic. She’s just being polite.

Don’t push boundaries with the escort. If she says no or she tells you she’s uncomfortable with something don’t push her to do it. Don’t offer her extra money to do it either on or off the books. She won’t back down and you will have wasted your appointment, and you won’t get your money back either. It’s not fair to ask her to do something she’s uncomfortable with, because again you’re not seeing her as a person with feelings. An escort makes arrangements to travel to you or to the apartment she will use for the appointment, she controls what she wears and how she does her makeup, and she controls what times she works. No matter what the boundaries are that the escort you’re visiting works within, you need to respect them and if you can’t, again you shouldn’t be using escorts.

Tune in next week to our blog and catch up with Part Two of ‘What Makes a Good Client?’ so that you are totally informed before visiting any Escorts in Manchester. All of our escorts are professional and discreet, and they expect only what’s fair; respect and cleanliness. You would want her to be clean and respectful, so it’s only right that you show her the same courtesy!