06/02/2020 | admin

What Makes a Good Client? Part 2

Last week we brought you some tips and advice on how to be a good client. This week we’re continuing that, so make sure you read on.

Just because a woman chose to be an escort, doesn’t men she has no choice in who she sees. A good client understands screening and understands that they need to show some identification. If you’re concerned that the reason for needing to show ID is something untoward then please don’t worry. A reputable agency such as ours uses your ID to keep our girls safe, which is the only reason. We need to keep all of our girls safe, and you for any reason.

A good client also respects an escorts time. Please don’t try to go over your appointment time, as the escort will more than likely have another booking to get to. Please don’t keep her from making more money, as this will get you barred from the agency.

Another way you can be a good client is by being discreet. You may not be bothered if people know you use escorts, but your escort may not want people to know she is one. Imagine she is in the supermarket doing her weekly shop and someone she doesn’t know approaches her and says they’ve heard she’s an escort. It isn’t fair, so please do not do this. Her family and friends may not know either.

Please be good company. Escorts understand that sometimes you need someone to talk to, and if you have booked an appointment just to talk then that’s absolutely fine, but please realise that escorts are not counsellors or therapists. Please don’t visit an escort drunk, or under the influence of drugs, or if you are suicidal or miserable. It will make the escort uncomfortable and you may even scare her.

A good client isn’t bigoted. An appointment with an escort isn’t a sounding board for political opinions or discussion. Again talking with your escort is fine, but racial, sexist, homophobic and other such views will not be tolerated.

Manchester SugarBabes only accepts good clients, and we will not tolerate any bad behaviour towards us or our girls. Our Escorts in Manchester are the finest you can get, so please respect them. Otherwise we will ask you to leave and you may not be allowed to book with us again. You have the best choice of Manchester’s escorts here so please adhere to the rules we set. Manchester SugarBabes is the best and most exclusive, and you won’t be disappointed.