11/02/2020 | admin

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness can be defined by many examples. It is an emotional state every one of us would like to be consumed by all the time, however men and women alike are diverse creatures – it’s a fact we have come to accept in the changing times of society and what works for one person may not necessarily please the other, hence the added elements of compatibility understanding, chemistry and attraction. It’s a world of emotions attached to a single feeling. The principle is pretty much applied to all types of situations, one night stands – a companion for the night, a new relationship, a long term relationship, a first date or even a 15 minute quickie in the back of a car! Everyone’s idea of fun frolics and happiness is significantly wide-ranging.

Based on personal experience, and this is by no means a rock solid fact or opinion; pleasing a man and keeping him happy as a woman is generally speaking, based on the rationality that anything you do for him or to him must guarantee his ultimate pleasure and fulfilment as a result– a sense of satisfaction, not just for the man himself but for both of you. When it comes to sexual contact the way to a man’s heart is definitely through good head!

On the other hand, women are also welcoming of the idea of being worshipped intimately, their bodies are temples and they need satisfaction and release just as much as a man does. Intimacy works both ways and it is better to give and take than just wanting satisfaction for you alone without thinking about the other person’s needs. . The majority of women feel that the man must make the first move and start intimacy first, although this may be the case when you are in the early days of a blossoming relation, it is not always the case as you both get more comfortable with each other over time.

For example, it is with very little doubt that a man would complain if his partner blatantly stated she wants sex; who could knock such an offer. You certainly would not turn her down if you came home to the mouth-watering sight of sexy suspenders and lacy stockings accessorised with thigh high boots. Then why not let her to make the first move and allow yourself be taken in by the seductive beauty, and let her scent intoxicate you like no other. Guaranteed she will get to work on you in no time, allow her the freedom to explore your body to no end – allow the aura consume you. Women are powerful creatures in the bedroom; let the wilderness inside her run freely. Authority given to a woman in the bedroom will ensure our needs are contented wholeheartedly, sexual vulnerability of sorts as it may be referred to, is a turn on for a lot of women, knowing that’s she has control over your body, senses and emotions. That’s not to say they will take advantage but putting a little trust in our Manchester Escorts this will definitely benefit you both, intimacy has amazing results with a little give and take. Thus achieving much founded happiness in gratifying the pleasures one has.