10/02/2020 | admin


Cast your mind back to an experience that left you breathless, a time that still makes you weak at the knees, arouses you even when you think about it now…

You’re out partying setting yourself free from life’s stresses tonight and really letting your hair down, a few beers down you, followed by copious amounts of shots –by now you’ve lost count of how much alcohol you have consumed but you’re in a buzzing atmosphere and you feel fantastic. You’re on the dance floor throwing some moves when suddenly you glance towards the bar and catch yourself staring for much longer than you expected.

A sultry seductive female, radiant looking with curves in all the right places catches your eye. Like an angel fallen from heaven and she’s staring back at you with the same hunger in her eyes that she can sense from your longing gaze. She’s smiling because she knows what you’re thinking…Your hearts beating at a dangerous pace and you know in that very moment that you want her in every way possible. The thoughts in your head are sending shivers down your spine; erotic thoughts running through your mind are making you bulge. You head towards the bar to her without a thought and introduce yourself, tell her she looks amazing. Her dazzling smile and looking straight into your eyes is a sure enough signal to you that she appreciates your compliments – she wants you just as bad. You’re feeling brave and ask her to go someplace quieter where you can acquaint yourselves better – offer her back to your hotel room for a drink to which he happily obliges.

It’s a short distance to your room, and as you walk side by side laughing and joking about random things, the sexual tension begins to heighten as her hand brushes yours, It’s not the invitation of a drink that’s on your mind now, it clearly not on hers.

Fast forward and you’re both now in your hotel room, you proceed to offer but she’s quick off the mark and has already made herself at home and poured you both one. As your glasses clink and you down the lot on one go, you’re suddenly overpowered by the urgency of wanting to taste those luscious lips and waste no time making it known. Before you know it your lips are locked and tongues twisted. Her arms wrapped round you, you pull her in towards you pressing against her, the intense passion running through you both is electrifying. She leads the way luring you intimately to the bed where you make hours of intimate love between the soft sheets– leaving you feeling like you’ve died and gone to heaven.