07/02/2020 | admin

Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside!, Escorts Manchester

It’s here and official – winter has well and truly taken over. But what to do with your beloved? No more nights out when you don’t take a coat, oh no. It’s freezing! You can often feel down when it is so dull and cold out, because you just want to stay in wrapped up comfy on the couch. But wait! Don’t get bored and stuck in a rut with your lover over winter! We’ve got some fab ideas for you and your loved one for these cold winter months… read on.

  • Poetry nights – don’t roll your eyes. If you find a poetry night with a love theme then it will get you right in the mood, plus, it will open up your minds and you might just learn something new.
  • Theatre trip – again branch out, take the opportunity to learn new things and open your minds to new experiences. You never know, you might discover a new interest or hobby.
  • Snowball fight – wrap up warm and get ready to embrace your inner child. Build a snowman and make snow angels, then head inside for hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  • Hot bubble bath – not everyone has a huge corner bath, but you can make do with your own bath at home or a hotel. Light candles, pour some yummy scented bubble bath and climb in to warm up and get squeaky clean with each other.
  • Cooking night in – find a food neither of you have tried yet, Google a recipe and get the ingredients together. Take turns or each take a few jobs, and create the dish together then sit down to try it out. You could do this once a month, trying all sorts of new things together. This is especially great if you’re unsure or nervous about cooking
  • Board game night – grab the old games down off the top of the wardrobe, dust them off and set them up. Take it seriously for that added competitive streak – then if you’re really feeling naughty, the winner gets to give the loser a dare…
  • Ice skating – it doesn’t matter if you can’t skate, that’s all part of the fun. Just wrap up and off you scoot! Holding hands makes it cute.
  • Massage – try new oils or techniques from Google, and light some candles for relaxation. It’s pretty obvious what comes next…!
  • Indoor skiing or boarding – there are loads of indoor winter sport centres to visit. It’s so much fun and you could end up picking up a new hobby.

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