Dress Size8
Hair Type
Skin Tone
Available ForMen
Eye ColourBrown


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130


When you have been looking through these escort portfolios, either with a casual interest or a burning desire, just some of us will hit the spot immediately. I hope as you have taken the decision to read my profile, that it means that my photos said something to you straight away. Did you get that vibe? Could you already feel the energy? Could you sense the undercurrent behind those images that I was aiming to transmit to guys like you who are sensitised to my deep rooted sensuality. Even through the camera lens! Can I take it that you liked what you saw? Would a few of my personal thoughts on my escorting style inspire you further? I am ready to share. When we meet,my goal is to take you to a corner of paradise reserved for people like you and me. A place where you will realise your erotic fantasies, your deep desires for absolute satisfaction and above all, share them with a beautiful woman who believes in the same values of pleasure sharing and the many ways to experience them, as yourself. Spend your quality time with me and your wishes of reaching those sometimes elusiveheights of satisfaction will be yours,where your rush of libidinous excitement and pleasure goes off the scale. Being with you is what I desire. Here in Manchester, which is known worldwide for its superb escorts, I am one of many. But I like to think, as do the guys who have already met me, that what I offer in terms of personal services and my exclusive time and companionship, is in a class of its own. You and I are a unique experience, those hours can never be repeated in the exact ways that we experience them at that point in time. Should we meet again, and of course I do have returning clients, we do not just repeat, we build on those foundations and develop the theme, exploring variations, adding extra services and taking the road to even greater adventures together. We are writing our own narrative together. Time with me will be a luxurious encounter and if you have ever fallen in love then you will recognise that surge of desire for us to explore each other fully. But I am about giving, there is no commitment, I will accept that no matter how intense our date, that we are simplypart of a casualrelationship with no strings attached. Could be that sounds like a perfect relationship to you, so my GFE escort service would be exactly what you want. How things pan out is in your hands. Not many regular girlfriends will go the extremes of sensuality and sexy TLC that I shower upon my clients and then say that. Perhaps that is why you have been looking for a girl like me! Our time together, whether that is for a few hours, or overnight, will be your opportunity to indulge in the escort services you prefer, to meet me for dinner, to visit a club or sit and chat for a while in a Manchester cocktail bar. My services bring you companionship in so many ways if that is your desire. Show me off to the world, dressed discreetly but appealing to all of your senses, enjoy seeing others envy you my company, or we can see no one except each other. I am yours. I am yours to be what you want me to be, the cool vanilla, or if you wish, we can up the ante to red hot chilli! Call me and find out!

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