11/02/2020 | admin

Mile High Club

Personally – this is a favourite for me. Action of any sort that gets adrenaline pumping is a positive, but some 30000 feet up in the air between the clouds has a unique sense of excitement. There is nothing like performing the act at high altitude.

Your purpose of travelling could be for business or pleasure and granted the journey can get very boring in terms of being restricted for movement, feeling confined to your seat and barely much space to walk along the aisles. Even more so if you’re not at a window seat – even the you would probably spend the journey staring at the wing in the clouds – not a very interesting sight at all.

Although a hotel room would still be more ideal, the comfort of a bed is unbeatable however the naughty thoughts crossing one’s mind on a plane and feeling horny makes it all the more interesting to get freaky in the air. From the toilet cubicle with very little space for a close up full on encounter to the roomy seats in first class for a more limitless session; releasing the sexual urge in mid-air really is an experience – as actions speak much much louder than words it can only be felt rather than explained in words, it will leave you speechless!

Imagine a moment where you are overcome with lust when a drop dead gorgeous bombshell boards your flight and catches your attention in more ways than one, acknowledging the hungry look in your eyes – you know she’s game. She’s fortunately seated in the empty seat next to you, a sign for sure, could this be any more of an interesting coincidence? As she locks her luggage away in the overhead compartment you catch a glimpse of her satin red underwear under her off the shoulder top. This leaves your vivid imagination open to a whole load of sexual desires. Try and contain your excitement by burying your head in a magazine, even though you’re secretly wishing deep down that your head was buried somewhere else right now!

After fidgeting for several minutes and bending over numerous times apparently in a bid to make herself comfortable in her seat, you begin to initiate small talk but conversations are short due to fighting the urge to not pounce on this beautiful creation. It is becoming very apparent in your body language that you just want to have your way with her, persistent eye contact confirms she knows what is running through your filthy mind and is showing little or no resistance to your advances whatsoever – you pinch yourself to make sure you’ve not died and gone to heaven.

Rather than wait for lights out on the long haul flight she signals intently towards the toilet cubicle, gets up to proceed in that direction and maintains eye contact whilst walking away as a way for you to follow suit. Without a thought you’re up (literally!) following behind her with close steps until you come to a small cubicle which is small enough to cause claustrophobia but the issue is minuscule considering what’s on offer. She drags you in and embraces you with a passionate kiss, hands wandering, exploring you against her. You push up harder indulging full throttle in your lusting hunger of wanting her since the moment you saw her. Here is where your unforgettable Mile High experience begins with our Airport Escorts, how and where it ends is down to your own imagination….