11/02/2020 | admin

Mesmerizing Moments

Those feel good moments embedded in one’s mind when thinking back to such a time that made you smile from ear to ear. After all these memories are made to last, so it’s even better when they heighten your desires at the thought even when looking back after any given amount of time.

As always, the variations are dependent on personal preference – you may be a hopeless romantic wearing your heart on your sleeve kind of person and an openly loving individual who is not afraid or shy in displaying your affection in public, or on the other hand you may possess the dominant streak on the outside, but only until that bedroom door closes and you melt under the seductive influence of your beloved.

There are numerous factors that make two individuals connect and intensify chemistry between you and what turns you on physically, emotionally and sexually;, the kissing, touching, the physical closeness felt between you, the way the tongue feels against your sensitive body arousing you to no end. Nice and slow, sensual love making or wild and adventurous hard core romping, literally rocking the bedroom. Either way your heart is guaranteed to race at an alarming rate in a good way. Add additional pleasure to your encounter by rewarding one another with soft oral; without a doubt it is a very certain act of pleasure indeed. Explore the sensual boundaries to exploding point, discover the desires, likes and dislikes of one another – time is of no essence when it comes to physical encounters. The beauty of it is that you are able become erotically consumed in each other’s company for as long as you wilfully desire, the end result are none other than that you already imagined; a feeling of out of this world wholesome satisfaction leaving you breathless and even yearning for more!

We have all had such occurrences at least once in a lifetime; moments that mesmerise us from time to time, experiences that have made a lasting impression to such an extent that our minds naturally take us back to that very moment, wishing we were right back there again getting lost in the passion, creating intimate memories to last a lifetime.