10/02/2020 | admin

Wet and Wild

Imagine an encounter with Manchester Escorts or a firing hot bombshell; the potential of what could happen are possible as far as your imagination can stretch. Here’s a fantasy to turn up the temperature a little….

It’s a cold wet and windy evening, your date has just arrived looking luscious; a tall slim brunette with long locks wearing a red skin tight dress and sexy stiletto heels showing off legs that are simply to die for. You’re already starting to feel hot under the collar at the sight of this beauty and the depressing weather no longer bothers you – you’re about to feel the heat alright! She greets you with a stunning smile and a mischievous peck somewhere between your cheek and lips and you respond with squeezing her ass softly.

She makes her way directly to your bed giving you that ‘come get me’ look – no hesitations here; she knows what she wants. She doesn’t wait for you to have to tell her what to do, as soon as you lie down she’s on top of you, straddling you with lustful eyes, working her hands and mouth all over your body, exciting you all over and arousing every sense in your body to a point where your toes are curling, the sensual feeling of passion that’s overcome your body is driving you crazy and she’s just about got started. The feel of her soft hair as you run your fingers through it, her intoxicating scent, her smooth body pressing against you, the body heat – the immense mixture of emotions you are going through is nearly sending you over the edge, it’s almost too good to be true, you’re feeling pleasure like you’ve never experienced before, it’s even surpasses the most erotic dream you’ve ever had.

Eccentric intimacy bonds the pair of you, through the night into the early hours of the morning; intensive love making, making her scream your name. Sweat trickling down your back with the intense satisfaction of fulfilling long awaited desires. The sheets are drenched which in itself is the sign of a job very well done. The ultimate mesmerising feeling of gratification felt by you and any of our Manchester Escorts https://manchestersugarbabes.co.uk/ is amazing. There’s definitely going to be next time!