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The town is in the borough of Oldham and in the shadows of the Pennine hills, which has actually helped in the development of the town in the industrial sense. The damp miserable climate caused by the hills made for perfect condition to spin cotton making it considerably more pliable and manageable being less likely to break. This town was one of the main centres for spinning and the urbanisation has largely formed to town as it is today with much of the housing stock from that area still in place supplemented by more modern structures. The town also has a rural aspect to one side of it as it is overlooked by the hills of Saddleworth moor. This combination of town and country being near to road and rail networks is a bonus for the adventurous escorts in Royton as they enjoy the popularity the location affords them. Their phenomenal reputation draws singles in from far and wide. These babes are renowned not only for their beauty and seductiveness, but their thirst for adventure and capacity for fun. The friskiness and energy that these ladies have makes them wild and exciting letting guys have a bit of true escapism with a girl of their dreams. These are the type of ladies that guys have fantasies about while lying in bed at night.

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