11/02/2020 | admin

Lasting Impressions

Whilst the phrase ‘the first impression is the last impression’ is true to some extent, when it comes to affection, those impressions are to last time and time again and not just for the first time. A first date, a blossoming relationship, long term courting or a one night adventure – endeavour to make those impressions last every time, leaving your partner yearning for more until the next time – .

How you choose to exhibit your expertise bedroom skills is down to you – seduce your partner softly and slowly, show them the infinite power you possess in the ability to take them to a place of sensual desire they only imagined in their dreams.

One would most definitely appreciate the fine sight for sore eyes wholeheartedly. As an example let’s say – sexy lingerie complementing an even sexier figure combined with drop dead gorgeous legs and accessorised with elegant stilettos, radiant features, well groomed and delightfully tasteful. There are possibly no exact words to describe the thoughts wildly racing through one’s mind at just the description; in reality the surreal effect of indulgence is far more intoxicating.

Eyes speak a thousand words, that look that passes between you as a signal of acceptance, passion filled instants where your eyes meet and you cannot bring yourself to blink or look away for even a moment. The ‘I want you now’ look where there is a non-existent requirement of words to speak what you’re thinking, you’ll be locking lips before you know it in overcoming passion.

Taking time to really understand the intimate needs of one another plays a huge part in comfortably being able to perform the act in a natural feel way, ultimately it is the physical pleasure which also extensively affects the mental and emotional state during sex. Therefore having an idea or knowing what works for you both enables you to heighten each other’s senses of arousal and ensure a more enjoyable session and overall will leave you both with long lasting positive impressions that will never disappoint, you’ll be fighting to keep away!