18/02/2020 | admin

How to Kiss her?

Can you remember your first kiss? The shaking legs, the thumping heart, the trembling fingers? What an intense feeling that was. The butterflies in the stomach had a field day that day. As you moved closer to her and looked into her eyes….at that moment in the whole world it was just her your eyes could see. The look in her eyes said it all. There was no room for words. Silence was the most beautiful language. You stood right in front of her and nestled your hands in her long silky hair. You tilted your head towards her, closed her eyes and touched her lips with yours. That moment all time had stopped. What happened then words cannot justify. You reached a level of eternal bliss which sadly rarely repeats. What happened at those moments remains a total mystery. Guess some matters are best left unspoken. That was by far the best time of your life.

As time went by and you got muddled in the hustle and bustle of life you often remembered that time and smiled. Pure and harmonious affection is something we all crave for. Do not despair as it will happen again. Maybe not as beautiful as the first time but it will happen. One day in your life you will come across that time again and it will blossom your life once more.

The good thing here is that even though you may not have been a good kisser at that time, over time you have learnt how to do it properly. So let go of the past and look ahead. A whole new world is waiting for you. Now you will be able to kiss without any hesitation and kiss properly.

Knowing the art of kissing is a talent in itself. How to softly hold her, how to gently tilt your face, subtly touch her tender lips….all these are necessary steps you need to take in order to give the most sensual yet fulfilling kiss. You need to raise the bar of intensity and be firm. Let her know that you are in control. However constantly remind her with your body language and facial impressions that she is the girl of your dreams.

Kissing is an art and only perfect practice can make you a joy to kiss. It can be a truly satisfying experience which many can only dream about. So get practicing and find out for yourself.