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Escorts in Manchester – Loving Submission

Putting your trust into another and giving them full control of your body, your emotions, the way your senses respond to their touch, and not being in control of yourself as maybe you normally would, it really is a feeling of unique excitement in itself, but beware it’s not for the faint hearted, a sense of vulnerability of sorts but overall the sexual satisfaction is out of this world. For the men that enjoy letting a woman grab you by the balls (literally!) and take over in the bedroom, your dominatrix can take you to places beyond belief.

Role Play

Role play involving bondage and discipline is more common than you think, although not always as hard core as you may imagine –for those that cannot handle any sort of tough loving or novices in particular who are new to the scene; it can start off with mild bondage simply with the use of handcuffs, a blindfold and dependent on how kinky you’re feeling, a gag. As you progress deeper into the art of domination – and the experts of BDSM will agree; you may want to introduce toys into foreplay for more stimulation; these can be in the form of vibrators/dildos, followed by bedroom props such as whips, crops or spankers. Clamps, cock rings, latex accessories are all part of the domination/submission fantasy, it really is up to you how far you are willing to go with it. The key is to communicate with your partner and discuss your soft and hard limits; what you are or aren’t comfortable with – ensure to have a “safe word”, speaking from experience one can often get overly excited and get carried away with the act of pleasurable torture without realising that you may be overstepping the mark of ones threshold and what they can handle. A safe word ensures safe play and indicates to your partner that you’ve reached your threshold and for them to calm their hormones. You may then choose to be nursed passionately afterwards in other ways. That one is for your wild imagination.

Either way whether you are playing the role of the submissive or the dominator, you can both have endless fun – the only limits are the ones you set yourselves. You’d be surprised at how much pleasurable tough loving you can actually handle in the moment when aroused to bursting point, or how much of a turn on it can be when inflicting pure pleasurable sexual tension on one another – resulting in indescribable gratification.