11/02/2020 | admin

Busts and Booty’s, Legs and Locks

For the gentlemen that know a good thing when they see it; with so many variation of personal tastes and types of people that we prefer in terms of dating and love making, even one night stands and short term romances, it is impossible to narrow down to specifics of what makes opposites attract. Ultimately it is down to personal preference and individual taste.

For example, some men prefer the curvy female, gorgeous perfect curves in all the right places and a juicy round ass, proper spanking material, put simply a body to die for – on the other hand some men prefer slim women with long legs, luscious locks and a look of innocence.

Regardless of preferences, a good woman knows how to satisfy a man and keep him happy. They are quick to understand a man’s body language and what he desires, when to slow down the pace as his senses are reaching bursting point or when to pick up the speed to grant him satisfaction.

Imagine a steamy session with a dream woman, suited to your desires – life could not get any better. It’s all about what pleases an individual specifically; be it a curvier figure with fuller assets or long legs and slim waists with long seductive hair. Intimacy with such a wonder woman is guaranteed ecstasy, any man would love to relive those moments again and again. Having said that, women; like men also have individual tastes when it comes to men and the thought of an encounter with a dream man will definitely make her want to please her man to no end. From tall dark and handsome to a body built like a wrestler, every woman has her own specifics around the ideal man and surely has fantasies waiting to be fulfilled.

Presentation plays a big part in making an impression, as they say the first impression is the last impression – be that by way of one’s attire and dress sense, their scent, hair etc. More importantly that attraction turns into chemistry leading to a physical connection between two people – mix it all up and you’re already a winner; gratification all round!