12/03/2020 | admin

You are Under Arrest

Ever wished to be arrested by a hot and fiery policewoman? Her hands tightly straining yours as she applies the handcuffs to you from behind, pushing you up the wall whilst you can feel her perky assets rubbing against your back? Turning around as she takes of her police cap and out flows those beautiful blonde locks?

Then imagine this wonder cop girl throws you on the mattress and begins to empower her authority on you? She works her way from the very first letter of the law till the very end, pleasuring you in such a way that only she knows how to. Boy does she love being in control or what!! Especially to naughty boys like you who need to be put into place. Well your time is up! Your naughtiness has attracted the attention of this foxy copper and she is here now to teach you how to behave. And we guarantee you you will never misbehave again.

Imagine within the next hour a racy and ravishing she-cop could be at your door ready to lock you up in her private cell and give you one helluva hiding? Here at Manchester SugarBabes our female Manchester escorts are well trained to uphold the laws of intimacy and attraction. They have all the skills required to assert all their control over you and make you feel like a prisoner in your own quarters. However this is one prison you will wish you never be free from. The way they will punish you is a punishment we know you are itching to receive. With their long black boots and sexy cop uniform, handcuffs on the ready and a desire to arrest, our SugarBabes are the real elite in whichever role they apply.

Manchester SugarBabes pride themselves with giving you what you need. We offer an experience you have only heard about. Forget about the usual places you have been seeking companionship from, this here is the real deal. We aim to be the best therefore we only give the best. Our SugarBabes are fine tuned in the art of providing satisfaction. So come on, stop thinking about it and dial the above number and within the next hour you could be being handcuffed by a SugarBabe Cop whilst she enforces tho whole arm, leg, chest, and the rest, of the law onto you. You better be ready! Dial now!!